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About Soundfield

Soundfield, NFP is a not for profit organization founded in 2000 by composer Gene Coleman. It incorporated in 2002 in the State of Illinois and is in the process of incorporation in the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Soundfield is a producer and presenter of new and experimental music, with a strong emphasis on international cultural exchange. The principle forms of presentation for Soundfield are an annual festival (which takes place each year in September and October in Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco) and a concert series that takes place in Chicago and Philadelphia each winter and spring. By working with a large network of local and international arts organizations, foundations and educational institutions, Soundfield works to create and leverage support for innovative programs and projects.

Starting in 2007, Soundfield will begin categorizing its programs and projects into four areas. These areas are already being represented, but this categorization will make our mission as an organization more clear. The categories are:

1) Transonic: These programs explore the relationships between avant garde or experimental music and non-western musical cultures

.2) EurEthos: These programs explore the on-going influence of European culture on the United States.

3) Crosswork: These programs explore music in relationship to other art forms, such as dance, video and architecture. We work here also to develop innovative tools of communication, such as multimedia publications, as a way of expanding the audiences for our work.

4) American Independents: These programs explore the work of American artists who have a unique and innovative aesthetic position outside of the mainstream.

Soundfield, NFP has a strong commitment to educational and outreach programs. We recognize that it is essential to find new ways of reaching people with the innovative work we advocate. This means creating new points of access to the experience of the work and to the ideas inherent in it. In addition to lectures, workshops and symposia, Soundfield NFP looks to media such as internet radio and multimedia publishing as new ways of reaching people, both young and old. This approach applies to local as well as global audiences