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Soundfield Festival Chicago

Chicago Programming:

Special Project: "Sound Space: Japan/USA"

Links Hall and Soundfield collaborate on an ambitious music and dance project involving eight Japanese and US artists, to take place in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Responding to different architectural spaces in these three cites, the artists are being commissioned to create a new collaborative work using movement and sound.

For the first phase of the project, the musicians Ko Ishikawa (sho,
Tokyo), Shoko Hikage (koto, Japan/San Francisco), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar and electronics, Tokyo/Vienna), and Gene Coleman (bass clarinet, Philadelphia) will work with Chicago-based dancer Asimina Chremos. This will be followed by work sessions in Philadelphia with dance artists Nicole Bindler (Philadelphia), koto player Ryuko Mizutani (koto, Nagoya, Japan) and special guest Alissa Cardone (Boston). Additional creative development and performing is planned for March 2008 in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, which will also
involve the musician Yoko Nishi (koto, Tokyo) and the dancer Daniel Burkholder (Washington, DC)

This project has been made possible with the support of The Japan Foundation.

September 17th from 2:00 -- 5:00 PM

Public rehearsal with Asimina Chremos (dance, Chicago) and
Ensemble N_JP (USA/Japan)

Free admission
1474 North Milwaukee
Chicago, IL.

September 17th at 8:00 PM

Soundfield's "Transonic" program series:

Music by Yuji Takahashi, Gene Coleman and others, played by
Ensemble N_JP (Japan/USA). This program includes a work in progress performance of Sound Space: Japan/USA, with pre-show discussion at 8:00 PM

The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago,
5811 S. Ellis Avenue (Cobb Hall, 4th Floor)
Free concert

This program is made possible in part through generous grants from the Argosy Fund for Contemporary Music, and The Japan Foundation, New York

Sept. 18th

At 2:00 -- 5:00 PM:
Public rehearsal with Asimina Chremos and Ensemble N_JP

Free admission

At 9:00 PM:
Work in progress performance by Asimina Chremos and Ensemble N_JP, with pre-show discussion ($10.00)

Links Hall
3435 N. Sheffield
Chicago 60657
http://www.linkshall.orgOct. 4th at 8:00 PM

Soundfield's "EurEthos" program series

Dal Niente (Chicago) with Gareth Davis (UK, clarinet)
Salvatore Sciarrino : Muro d'Orizzonte for alto flute, English horn,
and bass clarinet
Joel Durand: Tiodhlac II for solo bass clarinet (dedicated to Gareth Davis)
Kirsten Broberg: new piece for clarinet and chamber ensemble
(dedicated to Gareth Davis and the Renaissance Society)
Toshio Hosokawa: Herbst-Lied for clarinet and string quartet
Helmut Lachenmann : Dal Niente Interior III for solo clarinet
Giacinto Scelsi : Kya for clarinet and seven instruments

The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago,
5811 S. Ellis Avenue (Cobb Hall, 4th Floor)
Free concert

Oct. 14 at 7:00 PM

Soundfield's "EurEthos" program series:

Luc Ferrari: "Dancing in the Scrub Land"

Music of Luc Ferrari, played by Ensemble Noamnesia, with special guests Vincent Royer (viola, France) and Alexander Waterman (cello, New York) " Tautologos 3" (1967, Chicago version, 2001) For ensemble with memorized sounds
" Et tournent les sons dans la garrigue" (1977) For ensemble with memorized sounds

The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago,
5811 S. Ellis Avenue (Cobb Hall, 4th Floor)
Free concert

Oct. 15 at 8:00 PM

Soundfield's "EurEthos" program series:

Ensemble Noamnesia 20th anniversary concert with guests Vincent Royer (viola), Matthias Kaul (percussion, Germany) and Alexander Waterman (cello)
Carmel Raz: "Anaphora" for open ensemble
Amnon Wolman: "August 2007" for violin, cello and video playback
Gene Coleman: new work for ensemble
Claude Ledoux: "Pensées d'exil I" (2005) for viola solo
Horatiu RADULESCU : "Intimate Rituals" (2003) viola and tape

The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago,
5811 S. Ellis Avenue (Cobb Hall, 4th Floor)
Free concert

Oct. 16 at 7:30 PM

Soundfield's "EurEthos" program series:

Vincent Royer (Viola, France) "Musical Abstractions"
Claude LEDOUX : Pensées d'exil I (2005) for viola solo
Vincent ROYER : Lumen (2003) for viola and electronics
Jonathan HARVEY : Ricercare una melodia (1992) viola and electronics
Horatiu RADULESCU : Intimate Rituals (2003) viola and tape

A native of Strasbourg, France, Vincent Royer attended the
conservatory there before completing his musical studies in Germany. Early on Royer became interested in exploring new forms of musical expression and together with pianist Paula Alvarés founded the Alea Ensemble in Cologne. Royer has been invited to perform at numerous international music festivals throughout Europe and American and has been greatly influenced by the works of composers interested in 'spectral' music: Scelsi, Radulescu, Grisey and Murail. His meeting in Chicago in 2001 with Luc Ferrari led to a close friendship and an intense artistic collaboration.

Vincent Royer will be introduced by Columbia College Chicago,
Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts, Jeff Abell.

Alliance Française
810 N. Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 337-1070
Please enter at 54 West Chicago Avenue
AFC members: FREE, non members: $10, students with I.D.: $5

Oct. 21 at 2:00 PM

Floodway, by Amnon Wolman

Played by the Millennium Chamber Players, conducted by Robert Travino
" Death Comes for the Rabbi - an afternoon of listening
and learning featuring "Floodway" by Amnon Wolman"

Kam Isaiah Israel Congregation
1100 E. Hyde Park Blvd
Chicago, IL 60615
773 924 1234

Oct. 21st at 2:00 PM

Soundfield's "American Independents" program series:

" Boredom & Danger"
Minimal and Fluxus Works for Piano
Jeff Abell, pianist

Columbia College Recital Hall,
1014 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago
Erik Satie: Deuxieme valse distinguée du précieux dégoûté (Son Binocle) (1914)
John Cage: Dream (1948)
Morton Feldman: Piano Piece 1952
John Cage: Piano Music #3 (1953)
Terry Jennings: Winter Sun (1965)
Peter Garland: The Days Run Away (1971)
Jeff Abell: The Twain Converged, or,
How Things That Seem Different Are Really the Same (1978)
Jeff Abell: Retraced Steps (1980)
… Intermission…
John Cage: 4'33" (1952)
George Brecht: Piano Piece (1962)
George Brecht: Incidental Music (5 piano pieces) (1961)
Takehisa Kosugi: Distance for Piano (for David Tudor) (1965)
Dick Higgins: Sophokles I (1971)
George Maciunas: Piano Composition #4 for Nam June Paik (1962)
George Maciunas: Piano Composition #10 for Nam June Paik (1962)
Larry Miller: Remote Music (1976) & Finger Exercise (1983)
Tomas Schmit: Piano Piece No. 1 (1962)
Ken Friedman: Homage to Christo (1968)


Sponsor List:
The Philadelphia Music Project (PMP)
The Japan Foundation, New York
The Argosy Fund for Contemporary Music
Slought Foundation, Philadelphia
The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago
Links Hall, Inc. Chicago
Columbia College, Chicago
Alliance Française, Chicago
Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia
Perpetual Mvmt < > Snd, Philadelphia
Bowerbird, Philadelphia
Soundfield, NFP